10 years of lip plumping

… and no we don’t mean the surgical kind. 

Some of Hollywood’s hottest, Halle Berry, Megan Fox and Scarlett Johansson, just to name a few have had their lips plumped to perfection by cult favourite DuWop. 

10 years ago makeup artist Cristina Bartolucci and her team set about creating a perfect bee-stung look (the kind of look you get after a huge make-out session). Eureka! The end result, a cinnamon-spiked blend of essential oils that went on to become DuWop’s breakthrough product: Lip Venom was born.

DuWop Lip Venom

DuWop Lip Venom

The hot little lip gloss has since went on to make makeup history, earning DuWop bragging rights for the first-ever lip plumper.

I was excited about trying this famed product after hearing heaps about it. DuWop advertises a ‘bee stung’ pout and boy do they deliver. I could instantly feel the circulation in my lips going into overdrive. (The feeling you get after a huge make-out session). Though I can imagine the intense tingling sensation is not everyones cup of tea. Lip Venom gives shine without stickiness, a five star product in my book. With a mix of reviews, this is definitely a love or hate product. I’m sure you can tell where i stand with this one.


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Are you Benefit*ting?

Who said beauty had to take itself so seriously? With their laugh-out-loud, quirky themes and bright, bold packaging, Benefit cosmetics guarantee to turn that frown upside down!

So with all this talk of the impending doom and gloom I decided to try this fun, funky and frivolous brand to perk me up.

Having devoured a few products and tested them to the limit, I have come across a few that stood way ahead of the crowd.

My absolute favs our Erase Paste, a delightful creamy, blendable concealer that instantly brightens and camouflages all-in-one. (Yes, it really does work). It also includes a step-by-step lesson for all the make-up novices out there and a handy little spatula.

Erase Paste

Erase Paste

Gone are the days of cakey looking foundation, no longer want to look like krusty the clown? Hello Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation Faker. It’s not only small enough to fit into your handbag for those bathroom emergencies but also cute and funky enough for you to want to whip it out and show it off.

The compact provides a light, natural coverage, giving my skin enough cover to hide a late night but still allowing me to leave the house feeling like a beauty queen. At £22.50 it is a little pricey but definitely worth the investment. 

Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation Faker

Some Kinda Gorgeous Foundation Faker

Another favourite which is steadily becoming a cult beauty essential is Her Glossiness lipgloss. This sheer, shiny gloss goes on brilliantly and doesn’t leave that unsightly sticky residue at the sides of your mouth. They come in 8 shades, with my ulitimate favs being Kiss You, a clear fuchsia, Life On The A List, a light bubble gum pink  and Who Are You Wearing? a passion fruit pink (I’m a convert) 

Her Glossiness

Her Glossiness

Save 10% of your first order online when entering this promotional code at the checkout : HELLOYOU

This offer is valid for a limited period so hurry! 

or free delivery on any £50 online purchase : FREEDELI

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Tabloid tales: no men allowed!

Direct your browser to the likes of Perez Hilton, Go fug yourself and the majority of the content will pertain to female wardrobe malfunctions, drunken diva behaviour, glamazon scientology converts, and a whole host of other scandals which offer diligent coverage highlighting the lifestyles of Hollywood’s most vibrant women.

Devoting only a small section to the some male egotistical mockery and perhaps some fancy-pants actor denying claims of yet another affair.

Why the apparent discrepancy of coverage of the Y chromosome?

Well, I don’t entirely agree that tabloids deal exclusively with female cases, but after doing a bit of digging myself, I have concluded that one would be hard-pressed to find a plethora of male celebrity scandals. Unless it’s Kiefer wreaking havoc in one of his famous drunken stupers, or Tom Cruise talking about his love for aliens (scientology), the bulk of what you read in tabloids always have, and continue to deal with the woes and fiascos of female celebrities and ‘celebuspawn’. 

Is that because only women cause, dare I say it, immense drama? Or perhaps we just prefer reading about women?

Why is this?

Tabloid readership is mostly female, and although females might get a kick out of a male scandal, or a glimpse of Harry Potter’s bum, this is not the material that they best identify with. 

So why do we, women, get so worked up over seeing other women fall out of taxis, have a bad hair day or a picture of a shoddy make-up application? Maybe we ought to remember that they are human too. I think that is all too easily forgotten with all the airbrushing and tangoed celebs out there. 

Until more men take an interest in the tabloids, they will remain more female-oriented.

So where did I put my fake tan again?

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Primark launches cheap, funky make-up range

"The Happy Couple"

"The Happy Couple"

Value retailer Primark is tapping into the lucrative high-street cosmetics market with the launch of its first glammed up make-up range. 

The Beautiful Colour Cosmetics range includes waterproof and colour mascaras, liquid liners, concealers and lip glosses. Product names include Flirty Winks, Eye Can’t Go Wrong and Ta Ta for Now. The packaging & products are a delightful combination of Soap & Glory meets Benefit. 

Primark said the range provides an affordable treat for shoppers who are caught in the credit crunch. It added ‘the products are aimed at stylish and budget-conscious women, offering great quality products at affordable prices.’

The collection starts at £2 for the mascara and blusher/bronzer combo and £2.50 for a light up lip gloss. 

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Free Fake Bake tan

Not been able to get away this summer? Are you a little green-eyed of your friends gorgeous summer glow? Fret not!

Debenhams in Westfield London are offering a FREE (yes, you read that right) Fake Bake Professional Airbrush Tanning when you purchase £20 or more from the Fake Bake range. 

Fake Bake Spray

Fake Bake Spray

Just simply take your receipt to the Beach hut at the Shimmer 09 event in the Atrium area, and you will receive a free full body professional airbrush spray tan.

Offer valid between 1st August – 7th August 2009.

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Stick thin to fit in!

Looking through the fashion glossies I feel bombarded by glamorous yet perpetually skinny young women. Now i know all too well the size zero debate has been buzzing in our ears for way to long and I am sure the majority of us have become rather nauseas.

Having worked for numerous fashion publications and been a student of journalism for the past few years I couldn’t help feel that the media is getting blamed for giving the public simply what they want. Do we need to cut them some slack?

The countless models that are sashaying down the catwalk are to blame for the so-called ‘size-zero’ epidemic or so it has been claimed.

 As we are being constantly bombarded with stick thin A-listers, has are ability to actively respond and participate in the media come to an all-round halt. 

These young hopeful models aiming to break into the power hungry fashion business are being fed (no pun intended) ridiculous assumptions that they will only ‘make it’ if they are practically knocking on deaths door.

What is the reality of being a size zero? What does the media actually make of stick thin models?

Well, not much in fact. It is not simply the media to blame for this epidemic, if you can even call it that, it is the fashion industry who place these models on glass pedestals and show them to the world as the be-all and end-all of ‘beauty.’

The notoriety gained from media speculation has helped in bringing size zero to a halt on Madrid catwalks. But Madrid is one city in a world of billions of people.

In fact it is not purely the media to blame, they are simply perpetuating what the audience want to see and that is a slim, beautiful woman.

If a fat woman was the lead in a TV show would your attitudes still feel the same, chances are not.

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Swap ’til you drop

Have you discovered swishing? Ever wanted that guilt-free shopping experience?  

Local designer Vic Tristram is hosting a clothes-swapping party on Sunday 9th August at The Lodge, East Dulwich in association with greenmystyle.com to raise money and awareness for Bowel Cancer Charity and give your wardrobe that much-needed boost.

The doors will be open at 4pm to take deliveries. The event will be officially opened at 5.30pm. There is a small £5 entry fee/donation to the charity at the door, entitling you to one raffle ticket, which could see you win a fantastic beauty spa voucher or half a days gardening work.

With summer in full swing and parties galore, a great pair of shoes or that all-important evening dress is a must-have for any fashionista. Make for a dazzling evening, excite your fashion taste buds and help save our beloved planet at the same time.

Bring along any unwanted items of clothing, shoes or accessories. It can be anything from an outdated pair of high-top 80s sneakers or the latest bag that just didn’t go with that all-important outfit. Chances are, someone else will love it.

When you submit your items, you’ll be given the same number of tickets in return, each ticket entitles you to one swap item.

Then you go get yourself a refreshing drink and catch up with friends or strangers and listen to some fab music while the items are set up. Once the party opens at 5.30pm, you’re free to dive-in and pick your sparkling ‘new’ items, simple!

If you’re unable to bring any items or want to take more home than you brought, then “swap” tickets will be also on sale. All proceeds will be donated to Bowel Cancer Charity.

This year has seen a surge of interest in ethical and environmental issues around shopping.

“Save money, save the planet, have a party: swishing effortlessly touches all of these buttons. Swishing parties are for all those women who want to combine glamour, environmental protection and frugality,” says Lucy Shea, founder of Swishing and director of Futerra Sustainability Communications.

Clothes swap parties bring together ethical shopping, bargain hunting and social networking and is fast becoming a hot fashion trend. Ethical and environmentally friendly, swishing ticks all the right boxes when it comes to providing a guilt-free shopping experience. So why not enjoy it in the surroundings of a chic party? (any excuses, didn’t think so!) 

Save money, save the planet, have a swishing good time.

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