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Stick thin to fit in!

Looking through the fashion glossies I feel bombarded by glamorous yet perpetually skinny young women. Now i know all too well the size zero debate has been buzzing in our ears for way to long and I am sure the majority of us have become rather nauseas.

Having worked for numerous fashion publications and been a student of journalism for the past few years I couldn’t help feel that the media is getting blamed for giving the public simply what they want. Do we need to cut them some slack?

The countless models that are sashaying down the catwalk are to blame for the so-called ‘size-zero’ epidemic or so it has been claimed.

 As we are being constantly bombarded with stick thin A-listers, has are ability to actively respond and participate in the media come to an all-round halt. 

These young hopeful models aiming to break into the power hungry fashion business are being fed (no pun intended) ridiculous assumptions that they will only ‘make it’ if they are practically knocking on deaths door.

What is the reality of being a size zero? What does the media actually make of stick thin models?

Well, not much in fact. It is not simply the media to blame for this epidemic, if you can even call it that, it is the fashion industry who place these models on glass pedestals and show them to the world as the be-all and end-all of ‘beauty.’

The notoriety gained from media speculation has helped in bringing size zero to a halt on Madrid catwalks. But Madrid is one city in a world of billions of people.

In fact it is not purely the media to blame, they are simply perpetuating what the audience want to see and that is a slim, beautiful woman.

If a fat woman was the lead in a TV show would your attitudes still feel the same, chances are not.


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