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Tabloid tales: no men allowed!

Direct your browser to the likes of Perez Hilton, Go fug yourself and the majority of the content will pertain to female wardrobe malfunctions, drunken diva behaviour, glamazon scientology converts, and a whole host of other scandals which offer diligent coverage highlighting the lifestyles of Hollywood’s most vibrant women.

Devoting only a small section to the some male egotistical mockery and perhaps some fancy-pants actor denying claims of yet another affair.

Why the apparent discrepancy of coverage of the Y chromosome?

Well, I don’t entirely agree that tabloids deal exclusively with female cases, but after doing a bit of digging myself, I have concluded that one would be hard-pressed to find a plethora of male celebrity scandals. Unless it’s Kiefer wreaking havoc in one of his famous drunken stupers, or Tom Cruise talking about his love for aliens (scientology), the bulk of what you read in tabloids always have, and continue to deal with the woes and fiascos of female celebrities and ‘celebuspawn’. 

Is that because only women cause, dare I say it, immense drama? Or perhaps we just prefer reading about women?

Why is this?

Tabloid readership is mostly female, and although females might get a kick out of a male scandal, or a glimpse of Harry Potter’s bum, this is not the material that they best identify with. 

So why do we, women, get so worked up over seeing other women fall out of taxis, have a bad hair day or a picture of a shoddy make-up application? Maybe we ought to remember that they are human too. I think that is all too easily forgotten with all the airbrushing and tangoed celebs out there. 

Until more men take an interest in the tabloids, they will remain more female-oriented.

So where did I put my fake tan again?


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